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 I have filed to run for St. Mary’s County Commissioner President. I believe that with my diverse background and experience, I am ready to lead the county as “your full-time commissioner”. It takes time and commitment to lead this county.  Someone who is dedicated to being in the county full-time and available to the citizens. 

     Currently, I am elected to the Board of Education. Over the past 7 years, I have worked collaboratively with board members and administrative staff, to bring about positive changes. For the first time a 4-year negotiated agreement was reached. I held the purchase department accountable to ensure competitive bids for services and goods were sought. I have worked with parents of students with special needs. I provided resources and educated them on the law, while giving them the tools to speak up for the needs of their child. I believe that we have an outstanding school system and will work with the Elected Board of Education and Superintendent to maintain these high standards.


    The county has grown tremendously and has strived to keep up with the new technology and needs of our community. As a county, we need to preserve our land and waterways. Being a director of St. Mary’s County Farm Bureau, we meet every month to discuss issues that farmers are having locally and statewide. Our family lives and owns a farm in Dameron. I am committed to ensuring our land and farms are protected. Just like farmland we need to maintain our tributaries and larger waterways. This will ensure the local fishing, crabbing, oystering, and charter industries will continue to flourish and thrive. Maintaining the waterways and land will also provide beauty and recreational use for the citizens.   


   The state and county is preparing for the 400th anniversary of the founding of Maryland. I am part of the St. Clement’s Hundred’s and I volunteer my time to beautify the island for visitors to experience a piece of history. From the founding of Maryland at St. Clements Island to the preserved African American Schoolhouse in Drayden, I am dedicated to finding ways to preserve historic homes, buildings, tobacco barns, and lighthouses. I am committed to preserving the history of our oystering, crabbing, skipjacks, and St. Mary’s County way of life.

   I had the opportunity to attend the Sheriffs and Citizens Academies. The Citizens Academy provided a deeper insight into different county departments, while the Sheriff’s Academy demonstrated the hard work and dedication of our police officers.  As a former Emergency Room and Psychiatric Registered Nurse, I have a workable understanding of the Emergency Medical System and mental health issues within our community. I hold a Master’s Degree in Leadership and Management in Nursing and look forward to working with our volunteer Firefighters, Rescue Squads, newly hired Emergency staff, and County Health and Sheriff’s Department. 

   The Naval Air Station Patuxent River and St. Inigoes have a huge impact on our economy. As a veteran who served both in the Army and Navy and spouse of a retired Navy Chief, I recognize the importance of the Military mission. I have the knowledge and skills to interact with top-base military and civilian management. The condition of our roads, ranking of our school system, and recreational opportunities for families have an impact on how the BRAC Commission determines the increase or downsizing of squadrons and projects. I am a leader who sees the overall picture and will work with base leadership and the Southern Maryland delegation to safeguard the local military mission. 

   I understand the budgetary process. Serving on the Board of Education I collaboratively work with other board members and the Superintendent to budget and oversee millions of dollars in the operation of the school system.  In the military, I oversaw millions of dollars in the (OPTAR) Operational Budget while serving in squadrons. 

    The strength of our community is with our volunteers. It is important to be involved.  Our family has roots and volunteers in many organizations in St. Mary’s County.  I serve on the Animal Control Advisory Committee, St. Mary’s County Farm Bureau Director, Helpful Hooves (Adults with Disability), St. Clement’s Hundred, and maintaining St. Clement Island the birthplace of Maryland.  I am a member of the Republican Women of St. Mary’s County, the local DAV (Disabled American Veterans), and volunteer with our local fire departments at their annual carnivals. My two sons have volunteered with Special Olympics kayaking, the local library, and organizing and hosting IT events. My husband volunteers his time on the Sheriff’s Advisory Board, Parks and Recs, and Wicomico Shores Golf Course Advisory Board. Whether you belong to an organization, volunteer on a County Board, at your church, or volunteer with the fire department or rescue squad, it takes all of us to make our community a better place to live. As your County Commissioner President, I will continue to set the example and volunteer.  I am committed to organizations within our community that is working to help others, beautify our county, and preserve St. Mary’s County History.

   I fell in love with this county and the people the day I stepped foot here as a young navy airman.  I met the love of my life, Greg. We married at historic St. Andrew’s Church, and we raised 2 boys here in the county. Being elected to County commissioner President takes time and commitment.  Someone who is a leader and focused on the community’s needs. Someone who cherishes this beautiful county and has made it their home. I look forward to serving the citizens of St. Mary’s County as your full-time Commissioner President.


Community Elected/Appointed

SMCPS District 1 Board of Education

   Serve on Federal Legislative Board

   Oversee millions of dollars in the operation of the school system budget.

Animal Shelter Advisory Board - Secretary




Lifetime member DAV.   Disabled American Veterans.  Active member, Legislative representative.

St. Clements 100th – volunteer beautifying the island, providing tours of the Blackistone Lighthouse.           Maintenance cutting grass, planting flowers, maintaining equipment. 

St. Mary's County Farm Bureau - Director

Advisory committee member for CASE Program (Curriculum for Agriculture and Science Education)

Women’s Republican Club

40 yrs. registered Republican 


Charles County Community College - Associate of Science Degree in Nursing:  National Honor Society

Stevenson University - Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing:  National Honor Society - Magna Cum        Laude

University of Maryland School of Nursing - Master of Science Nursing in Leadership and Management      in Health Services:  National Honors Society - Summa Cum Laude

St. Mary's County Citizens Academy

St. Mary's County Sheriff's Academy




Army Reserves - 2 yrs. Airborne Qualified 

Navy Active Duty - 8 yrs.

Registered Nurse - Psychiatric, Emergency Department, School Nursing, Adjunct Professor. 

Small Business Family Farm Owner/operator




Assist St. Mary’s County citizens with County and State matters.

Worked with Delegates and Senators to form legislation for state and county.

Worked with County Commissioners, County Administration, and local organizations to form proper policies and procedures for St. Mary's County.


FB:  Rita Weaver for St. Mary’s County Commissioner President



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