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To be a leader who enthusiastically makes decisions that reflect the citizens and community of St. Mary’s County.

"God bless y'all real good!"



It takes all of us working together to make our community a better place to live.


The strength of our community is with our volunteers.  It is important to be involved. Our family has roots and volunteers in many organizations in St. Mary’s County.

  • I serve on the County Animal Control Advisory Board

  • St. Mary’s County Farm Bureau Director

  • Helpful Hooves (Adults with Disability)

  • Southern Maryland Roots - Youth Program

  • St. Clement’s Hundred and maintaining St. Clement Island the birthplace of Maryland. 

  • Republican Women of St. Mary’s County

  • Lifetime member DAV #26 (Disabled American Veteran’s) Legislative Representative

  • Volunteer with our local fire departments at their annual carnival

Whether you belong to an organization, volunteer on a County Board, at your church, or a volunteer with the fire department or rescue squad, it takes all of us to make our community a better place to live. As your County Commissioner President, I will continue to set the example and volunteer. I am committed to organizations within our community that are working to help others, beautify our county, and preserving St. Mary’s County History.

Community service


St. Mary’s County Public Schools is the best school system in Maryland, working with students and parents, to provide a top-quality education.


I currently am serving my second term as representative for District 1 St. Mary’s County Board of Education. I continue to stay actively involved with parents, educators, students, and community members to ensure the future of our community is bright. 


  • I work with board members and administrative staff to bring about positive changes. 

  • For the first time a 4-year negotiated agreement with bargaining associations and the Board of Education was reached. 

  • Collaboratively work with other board members and the Superintendent to budget and oversee millions of dollars in the operation of the school system

  • I held the purchase department accountable to ensure competitive bids for services and goods were sought. Making sure taxpayer dollars are used efficiently.

  • Work closely with parents of students with special needs. I provide resources and educate on parents on the law, while giving them the tools to speak up for the needs of their child.



I believe that we have an outstanding school system and as your County Commissioner President, I will remain committed to keeping the line of communication open between the BOE, Superintendent to maintain high standards.  Just as I have done while serving on the board of education, I will continue to make sure taxpayer dollars are used efficiently.

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education and our future
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St. Mary’s County farms and aquaculture industries play an important role in building a robust and local food supply and protecting our waterways and groundwater.


    The county has grown tremendously and has strived to keep up with the new technology and needs of our community. As a county, we need to preserve our land and waterways. 

  • Director on St. Mary’s County Farm Bureau - we meet every month to discuss issues that farmers are having locally and statewide. 

  • Our family lives and owns a farm in Dameron.

  • Reside on a farm surrounded by water - enjoy fishing, crabbing, kayaking, and recreational boating.

  • Support and assist with St. Mary’s County Envirothon

  • Participate in Farm to School Program


I am committed to ensuring  our land and farms are protected. Just like farmland we need to maintain our tributaries and larger waterways. This will ensure the local fishing, crabbing, oystering, and charter industries will continue to flourish and thrive. Maintaining the waterways and land will also provide beauty and recreational use for the citizens.       


Preserving our past, embracing our future

As the Mother County of Maryland, we need to preserve our history,

  • St. Clements Island St. Mary’s City, Sotterly Plantation, Leonardtown Jail, and Tutor Hall

  • African American School House in Drayden

  • The many historical churches such as St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, St. Francis Xavior Catholic Church, and Mt. Zion United Methodist Church.

  • Historic homes which have been passed down through families or purchased by individuals to lovingly preserve.

Our traditions     

  • St. Mary’s County Stuffed Ham 

  • Oyster Festival

  • Veteran’s Day Parade

  • On our waterways - Oystering, Crabbing, Fishing, and Charter Boats

  • Skipjacks – tradition of building

  • Legends/story telling – Moll Dyer, The Chronicles of St. Mary’s County, The Slackwater Files.


Embracing our future,

  • Elm’s Beach – educating our youth on nature within our community

  • Naval Air Station Patuxent River – contractors, DOD, and military working together to support our nations safety and security.

  • Higher Education Center – making education more accessible to the community.

  • Agriculture – moving from tobacco farming to agrotourism: wineries, wedding venues, corn mazes.

  • Working with the Mennonite and Amish in our community.


St. Mary’s County is a unique place. A peninsula that holds many historical sites and characteristics. A place that wishes to preserve its customs, historic buildings and objects, the friendly southern atmosphere, and tradition of being a giving community. A county which moves forward with technology, updating infrastructure, and small businesses adjusting to the ever-changing needs of the community.

agriculture & waterways
st mary's heritage
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 The Naval Air Station Patuxent River and St. Inigoes have a huge impact on our economy. I have the knowledge and skills to interact with top base military and civilian management. 

  • 2 years Army Reserve – Airborne

  • 8 years Active-Duty Navy

  • I understand how the condition of our roads, ranking of our school system, and recreational opportunities for families have an impact on how the BRAC Commission determines the increase or downsizing of squadrons and projects.

  • I am a leader who sees the overall picture and will work with base leadership and Southern Maryland delegation to safeguard the local military mission. 

  • In the military I oversaw millions of dollars in the (OPTAR) Operational Budget, while serving in a squadron and overseas.

As a veteran who served both in the Army and Navy and spouse of a retired Navy Chief, I recognize the importance of the Military mission. 

dod engagment
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